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We are two people who love taking photos, making pictures, capturing moments and creating things.



Creative Genius

Trudy is the one who makes things look good. The master of aesthetics and head design control officer. Never before has negative space been so positive.



Technical Guru

Dean is the one who makes things work. There's no technical challenge too big or too small. Can he fix it? With a little bit of coffee... yes he can.



Customer Relations

Dogge is an extremely good listener and never shies from conversation. If you need an ear to call on, or just a place to rest your legs, Dogge is your man... err, dog... err, seat!

Founded in 2004. Operational in 2005. Professional in 2007.

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Studio Con Brio was founded from a love of arts and a passion for business. It's been an incredible journey with many many highlights. All because a girl (who liked photography) met a boy (who liked business). The rest is NOT history, but a story in the making.

The People

We are two very different people with the same desired goal - to do what we love (the photography) and create beautiful images (the photographs) along the way. There are few people who can say they truly love what they do. We know we are two of the lucky ones.

With a background in graphic design and other creative industries, Trudy has a natural ability for creating the extraordinary and presenting it in an amazing way, whether it’s a wedding image for an album or a creative advertisement for a billboard. Dean’s approach to photography is more technical, allowing the studio to get the best out of every situation for its clients, whether it’s a shoot on a remote location or on a job with challenging weather. And that's where we are different - Trudy is the natural creative while Dean is the technical creative. Together, it is the perfect mix.

What makes us different from most studios is that we spend as much time as possible getting to know our clients and understand their photographic requirements before we pickup our cameras. Every client and job is different - we know that "one style" does not "fit all". For that reason, we believe it is a great advantage having the two of us in the business. While we have the same direction and drive for the business, we also have a different view and approach to photography. This creative and technical diversity means we have more opportunity to get the results that our clients desire. By doing this, we have not only provided our clients with a great product, but we have also found some great friends along to way.

The Business

Studio Con Brio (or Studio CB, for the abbreviated) is a boutique photographic company based in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia. The company is the result of Trudy’s love for photography and Dean’s love for business.

Now, the name. There is no-one named "Con" at Studio Con Brio. Telemarketers take note! The name is symbolic, not literal. ‘Con Brio’ means 'with spirit’ in Italian, effectively translated to Studio ‘with spirit’ or ‘with energy’. It’s a term taken from Trudy’s experience within the music industry. One which we wanted to continue in the business in recognition of its origins.

The purpose of Studio Con Brio is to create and capture images that are not only highly imaginative and appealing, but also completely personal and tailored for each clients needs, likes, wants, desires, personality and purpose. Whether it’s a creative commercial shoot, a relaxed portrait session or a beautiful wedding, we aim to deliver imagery that you will love. Forever!