Some changes at Studio Con Brio

There are some changes afoot at Studio Con Brio. For personal reasons we have said goodbye to a very important, loved and cherished part of our business – the studio. It was one of the hardest decisions to make in our many years in business. For those that know us and have walked, supported, encouraged and shared these past 5 and a half years of our business journey with us, know how much the studio means/meant to us. We have revamped, refurbed and personalised the space into our own. Some of it with literal blood, sweat and tears.

But life has changed… and so to the direction that we wish to take our business. It is for this reason that we closed the doors to our studio on Thursday 22nd August, 2013. It happened quicker than we expected. Our plans were to see out this next run of weddings (referred to as “wedding season” by those in the industry) and then make the move. But again, our best laid plans were somewhat changed when another business was as fond of our studio as we were and wished to move in sooner.

We are still adapting to the change and there are still many things to happen so we can adjust – one of these things is the updating of our website, which should be done soon.

Our business is still open. We are still photographing weddings and commercial projects. And we are still taking bookings for 2014 and beyond. We are excited for the new direction that is before us and can’t wait to share it with you.

Watch this space. More is to come!